Asset Management Strategies

Bohemian I

The strategy Bohemian I generates signals that encompass the entire market. Since the S&P 500 is the largest and most stable index in this area, we focus our attention on this index as a proxy for the entire stock market. We do not trade individual stocks or commodities.

The strategy Bohemian I captures the sentiment of market participants in the equity markets and seeks to generate benefits for investors from each phase of market sentiment. The system is discretionary and uses sentiment indicators and analysis of statistical anomalies to decide independently on the direction of the market in the immediate future – the next trading day.

A daily signal will be provided, long or short, which is valid for the entire trading day, so that only once a day, at the opening bell of the cash market, an incoming position is identified which is held until the closing bell.

Min. Investment
200,000 EUR

Setup Fee (incl. VAT)
5.9 %

Management Fee p. a. (incl. VAT)
1.77 %

Performance Fee (HWM) p. a. (incl. VAT)
17.7 %