Asset Management Strategies

Mighty Markets

The Mighty Markets strategy focuses on accentuated and situation-dependent target investments in markets in Europe, the USA and emerging countries via funds, ETFs, but also equities and bonds. Derivatives and individual stocks can be added up to 30% of the investment assets. The portfolio is actively managed, i.e. the weighting of the individual asset classes is flexibly adjusted to the respective capital market situation in order to take advantage of opportunities and reduce volatility. The goal of the portfolio is to achieve a higher return with higher risks.

Min. Investment
5,000 EUR
Monthly Savings Plan (optional) min.
100 EUR

Setup Fee (incl. 18 % VAT)
5.9 %

Management Fee p. a. (incl. 18 % VAT)
1.8 %

Performance Fee (HWM) (incl. 18 % VAT)
18 %