We offer opportunities to invest in stocks, foreign exchange, derivatives as well as in other alternative investments or special and unique gold-programs. For each investment, we will evaluate your situation, risk profile and expectations in order to propose strategies. As your reliable partner, we use our expertise to create the freedom you need for your work, your success and your private life.


Foreign exchange (“Forex”) is the asset class with the highest turnover at all, with a daily trading volume of USD 4 to 5 trillion. Unlike many other financial instruments, foreign exchange is traded around the clock. 


Derivatives are financial products whose performance depends on the price of other financial products, for example a share (= the so-called underlying). With a derivative, one speculates on whether the price of a certain product will rise or fall in the future. 

Alternative Investments
and Gold

Alternative investments are innovative strategies that invest in non-traditional asset classes. These can be e.g. real estates, tax liens, sustainable natural projects, private equity or hedge fund strategies. Furthermore we offer gold-programs which are unique concerning their structure as well as the advantages for the client.